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Microsoft Office is the productivity suite used for homes and offices and developed by Microsoft. It is useful for all organizations as it includes desktop applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc. All these applications help you to create spreadsheets, text documents, make professional looking presentations, and also help to schedule your meetings and conferences. You can install this productivity suite through You can also create a backup of your data and store it in the Microsoft Cloud Storage. It gives you the facility to access this data from anywhere and anytime. Its interface is user-friendly and compatible for devices like Windows OS, Mac, Laptop, Computers, and Android Phones.


If you have bought the Microsoft Office product from the retail shop then the product key is printed on the back side of your Microsoft Office Setup Card. It consists of 25 digit alphanumeric characters, split into five groups. – One of the renowned tech-giant in today’s time is Microsoft. Microsoft Office is available in different versions such as Office 2019, Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. It is one of the best software suites for any PC. You might have already used one or all of these tools offered by Microsoft at your home or office. These tools can help you complete various smallest and significant tasks and projects on your computer. If you don’t have MS Office on your PC, get the Office setup from Microsoft 365/setup. 

Instructions to download Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows

It is necessary to have the Microsoft 365/setup subscription or package for downloading the If you don’t have the same, you can quickly get the same from the official or third-party website or through the nearest retail store. Go through these steps to download the Office setup on Mac and Windows:

1. Visit and get the desired productive suit from there.

2. You will have to choose the ideal Office version from the available options, which are most likely to be 2019, 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.

3. Select the package and add it to the cart.

4. Once you have added, make the payment of the same.

5. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you need to create one.

6. For students, there is an exemption. They can even log in with their ID card.

7. Now, click on the ‘Option’ button from the homepage.

8. You will now see the listed Office products on your screen.

9. Find the desired Office product that you want through the Control+F command or scroll till the bottom of the screen to find the one that you want.

10. Read the given description of the product and check whether your computer has the same specification as asked in the product or not.

11.If it is compatible, hit the Install button present on the screen.

12.Your will start downloading soon.

Instructions to Install Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows


1. Visit the folder where you downloaded the

2. Usually, the downloaded files are found in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

3. Once you see the setup file through anyway, double-click on it.

4. Select the Yes option available on the next screen.

5. Your Office setup will be successfully installed in a while.

6. Hit the Finish button at last when it prompts on the screen to complete the installation process.


1. Use the finder in your Mac to locate the downloaded file.

2. Once you find the downloaded file, double-click on the same and then choose the Next option.

3. Read the given Terms and Conditions on your screen and hit the ‘I Agree’ button when you are satisfied with what you read.

4. You will see the Continue button on the screen now. Click on it.

5. Then, click the Install button, and you will be asked to enter your Mac’s security password.

6. Provide the same and then hit the Install Software button at last.

7. The installation process will begin, and once you hit the Finish button, the product that you wished will be successfully installed in your Mac. | | | download Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows

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